I am a Los Angeles-based luthier who comes from a long line of makers and builders. The craftsmen, artists, and musicians in my life were creative types who were a unique combination of entrepreneurs, pragmatic do-it-yourselfers, and teachers.

I built my first guitar at the age of 15 with the guidance of my father, a woodworker and contractor who built banjos in his earlier life. From there my obsession took off, and not a day has passed since then that I haven’t been building guitars.

As a maker, the greatest reward is creating something that inspires the people who pick it up to create great things themselves. My guitars are my contribution to music, and my hope is they will be loved and live on well beyond my time.



Sound, playability and design are the most important factors in a fine instrument. My guitars are designed to encapsulate all three of these elements to the highest potential. I want my guitars to stand out from across a room, inspire a profound reaction to their sound, and perform effortlessly in the hands of the player.


Woodrow Thomson instruments are created in a private workshop in Los Angeles, California. All inquiries regarding purchasing an instrument, design consultations, and requests for collaboration are welcomed.

Please contact the luthier at: 


#: 562-977-8932

All inquiries will be responded to within 2 business days. 


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* Select models of Woodrow Thomson guitars available at The Guitar Bar in Santa Barbara, California.